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Robert Cluxton, PharmD


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  • Certified Geriatric Pharmacist 07-01-2005
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Cluxton, Robert J; Li, Zili; Heaton, Pamela C; Weiss, Sheila R; Zuckerman, Ilene H; Moomaw, Charles J; Hsu, Van Doren; Rodriguez, Evelyn M 2005. Impact of regulatory labeling for troglitazone and rosiglitazone on hepatic enzyme monitoring compliance: findings from the state of Ohio medicaid program. Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety, 14 1, 1-9

Guo, J J; Jang, R; Keller, K N; McCracken, A L; Pan, W; Cluxton, R J 2005. Impact of school-based health centers on children with asthma. The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine, 37 4, 266-74

Guo, Jeff J; Jang, Raymond; Louder, Anthony; Cluxton, Robert J 2005. Acute pancreatitis associated with different combination therapies in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus. Pharmacotherapy, 25 8, 1044-54

Everly, Matthew J; Heaton, Pamela C; Cluxton, Robert J 2004. Beta-blocker underuse in secondary prevention of myocardial infarction. The Annals of pharmacotherapy, 38 2, 286-93

Guo, Jeff J; Ludke, Robert L; Heaton, Pamela C; Moomaw, Charles J; Ho, Mona; Cluxton, Robert J 2004. Characteristics and risk factors associated with high-cost Medicaid recipients. Managed care interface, 17 10, 20-7

Johnston, Joseph A; Cluxton, Robert J; Heaton, Pamela C; Guo, Jeff J; Moomaw, Charles J; Eckman, Mark H 2003. Predictors of warfarin use among Ohio medicaid patients with new-onset nonvalvular atrial fibrillation. Archives of internal medicine, 163 14, 1705-10

Shireman, Theresa I; Heaton, Pamela C; Gay, Wendy E; Cluxton, Robert J; Moomaw, Charles J 2002. Relationship between asthma drug therapy patterns and healthcare utilization. The Annals of pharmacotherapy, 36 4, 557-64

Druckenbrod, R W; Rosen, J; Cluxton, R J 1993. As-needed dosing of antipsychotic drugs: limitations and guidelines for use in the elderly agitated patient. The Annals of pharmacotherapy, 27 5, 645-8

Rosenbaum, C L; Cluxton, R J 1988. Ursodiol: a cholesterol gallstone solubilizing agent. Drug intelligence & clinical pharmacy, 22 12, 941-5

Woloschuk, D M; Pruemer, J M; Cluxton, R J 1988. Carboplatin: a new cisplatin analog. Drug intelligence & clinical pharmacy, 22 11, 843-9

Katona, B G; Siegel, E G; Cluxton, R J 1987. The new black magic: activated charcoal and new therapeutic uses. The Journal of emergency medicine, 5 1, 9-18

Krstenansky, P M; Cluxton, R J 1987. Astemizole: a long-acting, nonsedating antihistamine. Drug intelligence & clinical pharmacy, 21 12, 947-53

Myre, S A; McCann, J; First, M R; Cluxton, R J 1987. Effect of trimethoprim on serum creatinine in healthy and chronic renal failure volunteers. Therapeutic drug monitoring, 9 2, 161-5

Cluxton, R J; Rivera, J O; Ritschel, W A; Pesce, A J; Hanenson, I B 1982. Cimetidine-theophylline interaction. Annals of internal medicine, 96 5, 684

Cluxton, R J; Hunter, R H; Reed, R C 1979. Comparison of five information services as sources for bioavailability data. American journal of hospital pharmacy, 36 9, 1215-8

Copple, M; Cluxton, R J 1974. Letter: Continuous administration of dilantin. American heart journal, 87 6, 807-8

Cluxton, R J . Grateful Med: a user-friendly, on-line literature search system. The Journal of pharmacy technology : jPT : official publication of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians, 8 3, 143-4

Heaton, Pamela C; Cluxton, Robert J; Moomaw, Charles J . Acetaminophen overuse in the Ohio Medicaid population. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association : JAPhA, 43 6, 680-4

Heaton, Pamela C; Guo, Jeff J; Hornung, Richard W; Johnston, Joseph A; Jang, Raymond; Moomaw, Charles J; Cluxton, Robert J . Analysis of the effectiveness and cost benefit of leukotriene modifiers in adults with asthma in the Ohio Medicaid population. Journal of managed care pharmacy : JMCP, 12 1, 33-42

Ritschel, W A; Bykadi, G; Norman, E J; Cluxton, R J; Denton, D . Salivary elimination of cyclophosphamide in man. Journal of clinical pharmacology, 21 11-12 Pt 1, 461-5

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