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Joan Garrett

Assistant Professor

  • BA: Ohio University
  • BS: Ohio University
  • PhD: Ohio State University

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Mishra, Rosalin; Alanazi, Samar; Yuan, Long; Solomon, Thomas; Thaker, Tarjani M; Jura, Natalia; Garrett, Joan T 2018. Activating HER3 mutations in breast cancer. Oncotarget, 9 45, 27773-27788

Mishra, Rosalin; Patel, Hima; Alanazi, Samar; Yuan, Long; Garrett, Joan T 2018. HER3 signaling and targeted therapy in cancer. Oncology reviews, 12 1, 355

Yuan, Long; Mishra, Rosalin; Patel, Hima; Abdulsalam, Safnas; Greis, Kenneth D; Kadekaro, Ana Luisa; Merino, Edward J; Garrett, Joan T 2018. Utilization of Reactive Oxygen Species Targeted Therapy to Prolong the Efficacy of BRAF Inhibitors in Melanoma. Journal of Cancer, 9 24, 4665-4676

Hanker, Ariella B; Garrett, Joan T; Estrada, Mónica Valeria; Moore, Preston D; Ericsson, Paula González; Koch, James P; Langley, Emma; Singh, Sharat; Kim, Phillip S; Frampton, Garrett M; Sanford, Eric; Owens, Philip; Becker, Jennifer; Groseclose, M Reid; Castellino, Stephen; Joensuu, Heikki; Huober, Jens; Brase, Jan C; Majjaj, Samira; Brohée, Sylvain; Venet, David; Brown, David; Baselga, José; Piccart, Martine; Sotiriou, Christos; Arteaga, Carlos L 2017. HER2-Overexpressing Breast Cancers Amplify FGFR Signaling upon Acquisition of Resistance to Dual Therapeutic Blockade of HER2. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, 23 15, 4323-4334

Mishra, Rosalin; Hanker, Ariella B; Garrett, Joan T 2017. Genomic alterations of ERBB receptors in cancer: clinical implications. Oncotarget, 8 69, 114371-114392

Schwarz, Luis J; Fox, Emily M; Balko, Justin M; Garrett, Joan T; Kuba, María Gabriela; Estrada, Mónica Valeria; González-Angulo, Ana María; Mills, Gordon B; Red-Brewer, Monica; Mayer, Ingrid A; Abramson, Vandana; Rizzo, Monica; Kelley, Mark C; Meszoely, Ingrid M; Arteaga, Carlos L 2014. LYN-activating mutations mediate antiestrogen resistance in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. The Journal of clinical investigation, 124 12, 5490-502

Garner, Andrew P; Bialucha, Carl U; Sprague, Elizabeth R; Garrett, Joan T; Sheng, Qing; Li, Sharon; Sineshchekova, Olga; Saxena, Parmita; Sutton, Cammie R; Chen, Dongshu; Chen, Yan; Wang, Huiqin; Liang, Jinsheng; Das, Rita; Mosher, Rebecca; Gu, Jian; Huang, Alan; Haubst, Nicole; Zehetmeier, Carolin; Haberl, Manuela; Elis, Winfried; Kunz, Christian; Heidt, Analeah B; Herlihy, Kara; Murtie, Joshua; Schuller, Alwin; Arteaga, Carlos L; Sellers, William R; Ettenberg, Seth A 2013. An antibody that locks HER3 in the inactive conformation inhibits tumor growth driven by HER2 or neuregulin. Cancer research, 73 19, 6024-35

Garrett, Joan T; Sutton, Cammie R; Kuba, María Gabriela; Cook, Rebecca S; Arteaga, Carlos L 2013. Dual blockade of HER2 in HER2-overexpressing tumor cells does not completely eliminate HER3 function. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, 19 3, 610-9

Garrett, Joan T; Sutton, Cammie R; Kurupi, Richard; Bialucha, Carl Uli; Ettenberg, Seth A; Collins, Scott D; Sheng, Qing; Wallweber, Jerry; Defazio-Eli, Lisa; Arteaga, Carlos L 2013. Combination of antibody that inhibits ligand-independent HER3 dimerization and a p110? inhibitor potently blocks PI3K signaling and growth of HER2+ breast cancers. Cancer research, 73 19, 6013-23

Cook, Rebecca S; Garrett, Joan T; Sánchez, Violeta; Stanford, Jamie C; Young, Christian; Chakrabarty, Anindita; Rinehart, Cammie; Zhang, Yixian; Wu, Yaming; Greenberger, Lee; Horak, Ivan D; Arteaga, Carlos L 2011. ErbB3 ablation impairs PI3K/Akt-dependent mammary tumorigenesis. Cancer research, 71 11, 3941-51

Garrett, Joan T; Arteaga, Carlos L 2011. Resistance to HER2-directed antibodies and tyrosine kinase inhibitors: mechanisms and clinical implications. Cancer biology & therapy, 11 9, 793-800

Garrett, Joan T; Chakrabarty, Anindita; Arteaga, Carlos L 2011. Will PI3K pathway inhibitors be effective as single agents in patients with cancer? Oncotarget, 2 12, 1314-21

Garrett, Joan T; Olivares, María Graciela; Rinehart, Cammie; Granja-Ingram, Nara D; Sánchez, Violeta; Chakrabarty, Anindita; Dave, Bhuvanesh; Cook, Rebecca S; Pao, William; McKinely, Eliot; Manning, H C; Chang, Jenny; Arteaga, Carlos L 2011. Transcriptional and posttranslational up-regulation of HER3 (ErbB3) compensates for inhibition of the HER2 tyrosine kinase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108 12, 5021-6

Miller, Todd W; Rexer, Brent N; Garrett, Joan T; Arteaga, Carlos L 2011. Mutations in the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway: role in tumor progression and therapeutic implications in breast cancer. Breast cancer research : BCR, 13 6, 224

Kaumaya, Pravin T P; Foy, Kevin Chu; Garrett, Joan; Rawale, Sharad V; Vicari, Daniele; Thurmond, Jennifer M; Lamb, Tammy; Mani, Aruna; Kane, Yahaira; Balint, Catherine R; Chalupa, Donald; Otterson, Gregory A; Shapiro, Charles L; Fowler, Jeffrey M; Grever, Michael R; Bekaii-Saab, Tanios S; Carson, William E 2009. Phase I active immunotherapy with combination of two chimeric, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, B-cell epitopes fused to a promiscuous T-cell epitope in patients with metastatic and/or recurrent solid tumors. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 27 31, 5270-7

Allen, Stephanie D; Garrett, Joan T; Rawale, Sharad V; Jones, Audra L; Phillips, Gary; Forni, Guido; Morris, John C; Oshima, Robert G; Kaumaya, Pravin T P 2007. Peptide vaccines of the HER-2/neu dimerization loop are effective in inhibiting mammary tumor growth in vivo. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 179 1, 472-82

Garrett, Joan T; Rawale, Sharad; Allen, Stephanie D; Phillips, Gary; Forni, Guido; Morris, John C; Kaumaya, Pravin T P 2007. Novel engineered trastuzumab conformational epitopes demonstrate in vitro and in vivo antitumor properties against HER-2/neu. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 178 11, 7120-31

Dakappagari, Naveen K; Lute, Kenneth D; Rawale, Sharad; Steele, Joan T; Allen, Stephanie D; Phillips, Gary; Reilly, R Todd; Kaumaya, Pravin T P 2005. Conformational HER-2/neu B-cell epitope peptide vaccine designed to incorporate two native disulfide bonds enhances tumor cell binding and antitumor activities. The Journal of biological chemistry, 280 1, 54-63

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