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Jiukuan Hao

Associate Professor

  • M.D. : China Medical University
  • M.S. : China Medical University
  • PhD.: Texas Tech University

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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Hu, Jing; Xiao, Feng; Hao, Xin; Bai, Shuhua; Hao, Jiukuan 2014. Inhibition of monocyte adhesion to brain-derived endothelial cells by dual functional RNA chimeras. Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids, 3 , e209

Hao, Jiukuan; Bickel, Ulrich 2013. Transferrin receptor mediated brain uptake during ischemia and reperfusion. Journal of pharmacy & pharmaceutical sciences : a publication of the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Société canadienne des sciences pharmaceutiques, 16 4, 541-50

Hu, Jing; Mu, Chaofeng; Hao, Jiukuan 2013. Cerebral ischemia reduces expression of Hs1-associated protein X-1 (Hax-1) in mouse brain. Neuroscience letters, 534 , 338-43

Mu, Chaofeng; Dave, Nimita; Hu, Jing; Desai, Pankaj; Pauletti, Giovanni; Bai, Shuhua; Hao, Jiukuan 2013. Solubilization of flurbiprofen into aptamer-modified PEG-PLA micelles for targeted delivery to brain-derived endothelial cells in vitro. Journal of microencapsulation, 30 7, 701-8

Yang, Tianzhi; Nyiawung, Divine; Silber, Alexandra; Hao, Jiukuan; Lai, Leanne; Bai, Shuhua 2012. Comparative studies on chitosan and polylactic-co-glycolic acid incorporated nanoparticles of low molecular weight heparin. AAPS PharmSciTech, 13 4, 1309-18

Hao, Jiukuan; Mdzinarishvili, Alexander; Abbruscato, Thomas J; Klein, Jochen; Geldenhuys, Werner J; Van der Schyf, Cornelis J; Bickel, Ulrich 2008. Neuroprotection in mice by NGP1-01 after transient focal brain ischemia. Brain research, 1196 , 113-20

Ferchmin, P A; Hao, Jiukuan; Perez, Dinely; Penzo, Mario; Maldonado, Hector M; Gonzalez, Maria T; Rodriguez, Abimael D; de Vellis, Jean 2005. Tobacco cembranoids protect the function of acute hippocampal slices against NMDA by a mechanism mediated by alpha4beta2 nicotinic receptors. Journal of neuroscience research, 82 5, 631-41

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