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Matthew Miller, MS Mathematics BS Chemistry

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McCardy, N., R. Thompson, M. Miller, P. Styczynski, S. Ventura, R. Glenn, and G. B. Kasting 2017. Development of a preclinical surfactant skin penetration assay to reflect exposure times typical of consumer use Journal of cosmetic science, 68 3, 219-231

Miller, Matthew A., Yu, Fang; Kim, Keun-il; Kasting, Gerald B. 2017. Uptake and desorption of hydrophilic compounds from human stratum corneum Journal of Controlled Release, 261, 307-317

Miller, Matthew A.; Kasting, Gerald B. 2015. A Spreadsheet-Based Method for Simultaneously Estimating the Disposition of Multiple Ingredients Applied to Skin Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 104 6, 2047-2055

Rush, Allison K; Miller, Matthew A; Smith, Edward D; Kasting, Gerald B 2015. A quantitative radioluminographic imaging method for evaluating lateral diffusion rates in skin Journal of Controlled Release, 216 , 1-8

Dancik, Yuri; Miller, Matthew A.; Jaworska, Joanna; Kasting, Gerald B. 2013. Design and performance of a spreadsheet-based model for estimating bioavailability of chemicals from dermal exposure Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 65 2, 221-236

Gajjar, Rachna M.; Miller, Matthew A.; Kasting, Gerald B. 2013. Evaporation of Volatile Organic Compounds from Human Skin In Vitro Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 57 7, 853-865

Miller, Matthew A.; Kasting, Gerald B. 2010. Toward a Better Understanding of Pesticide Dermal Absorption: Diffusion Model Analysis of Parathion Absorption in Vitro and in Vivo Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 73 4, 284-300

Miller, Matthew A.; Kasting, Gerald B. 2010. A Measurement of the unstirred aqueous boundary layer in a Franz diffusion cell Pharmaceutical development and technology, 17 6, 705-711

Bhatt, Varsha D.; Soman, Rajiv S.; Miller, Matthew A.; Kasting, Gerald B. 2008. Permeation of Tecnazene through Human Skin in Vitro as Assessed by HS-SPME and GC-MS Environmental Science & Technology, 42 17, 6587-6592

Kasting, Gerald; Miller, Matthew; Bhatt, Varsha 2008. A Spreadsheet-Based Method for Estimating the Skin Disposition of Volatile Compounds: Application to N,N-Diethyl-m-Toluamide (DEET) Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 5 , 633-644

Kretsos, Kosmas; Miller, Matthew A.; Zamora-Estrada, Grettel; Kasting, Gerald B. 2008. Partitioning, diffusivity and clearance of skin permeants in mammalian dermis International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 346 1-2, 64-79

Gunt, Hemali B.; Miller, Matthew A.; Kasting, Gerald B. 2007. Water diffusivity in human nail plate Environmental Science & Technology, 96 12, 3352-3362

Kasting, Gerald B.; Miller, Matthew A. 2006. Kinetics of finite dose absorption through skin 2: Volatile compounds Environmental Science & Technology, 95 2, 268-280

MA Miller, V Bhatt, GB Kasting 2006. Absorption and evaporation of benzyl alcohol from skin Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 95 2, 281-291

Miller, Matthew A. ; Bhatt, Varsha; Kasting, Gerald B. 2006. Dose and airflow dependence of benzyl alcohol disposition on skin International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 95 2, 281-291

Santhanum, Arjun; Miller, Matthew A.; Kasting, Gerald B. 2005. Absorption and evaporation of N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide from human skin in vitro Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 204 , 81-90

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