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Focus on Practice Partners With Alissa Lee, PharmD

Focus on Practice Partners With Alissa Lee, PharmD


Alissa Lee, PharmD, is the clinical coordinator of the pharmacy department as well as the residency program director for the PGY-1 pharmacy residency program at The Christ Hospital. As clinical coordinator, she has oversight of clinical pharmacy activities and is responsible for the Pharmacy and therapeutics committee which manages the hospital formulary, pharmacy policies, and drug protocols. Lee is also responsible for the educational efforts of the pharmacy department such as pharmacy grand rounds, pharmacist competencies, and publishing a quarterly pharmacy newsletter.

How did you get to this position?

I have been very fortunate to hold a number of different pharmacy positions in my career. Each one has taught me a great deal and helped me become a well-rounded practitioner. . I am originally from Southeastern Indiana and earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Dayton prior to enrolling in pharmacy school at the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy where I earned my BS (‘01)and PharmD (‘02) degrees. I completed an American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) accredited PGY-1 pharmacy practice residency followed by an ASHP accredited PGY-2 residency in critical care, both at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. After residency, I accepted a shared faculty position at Rutgers School of Pharmacy and the University Medical Center at Princeton, New Jersey. I returned to Cincinnati several years later and worked as a clinical specialist at the UC Medical Center before leaving clinical pharmacy to work as a medical science liaison in infectious diseases for several years. In 2011, I joined The Christ Hospital as the Infectious Diseases Clinical Pharmacy Specialist and initiated the antimicrobial stewardship program. In 2014, I transitioned to my current role of clinical coordinator.

As a practice partner, what experience do you offer PharmD candidates/residents?
For the past three years, I have precepted an Institutional introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE) at The Christ Hospital for second year pharmacy students. Each year I coordinate this experience for four to six students. Additionally, I precept a Drug Policy/Drug Information rotation for fourth year Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) students and I have around six students on rotation over the course of a year.

In addition to precepting for the College of Pharmacy, I am the program director and a preceptor for the PGY-1 pharmacy residency program at The Christ Hospital. The residency program provides training for two pharmacists each year to build on Doctor of Pharmacy education and develop the skills of a competent clinical pharmacist.

Why do you feel it is important is it to give back in this way?

I am extremely fortunate to have worked with and learned from a number of professors and preceptors who have motivated me and shaped my career. It is an honor to give back and be a part of the training of students who are the future of our profession. Precepting is very fulfilling and rewarding and one of my favorite aspects of my job. I learn something from each student I precept that helps make me a better pharmacist. .

What do you remember about your training and the practice partners you worked with as a student?
I cannot speak highly enough about the training I received from professors and preceptors at the Winkle College of Pharmacy. They taught me how to be a life-long learner which is so incredibly important in our profession. The well-rounded education I received has allowed me to pursue a number of exciting job opportunities including post-graduate residency training, academia, industry, and clinical pharmacy. I am certain I would not be the pharmacist I am today if it weren’t for the preceptors and mentors during my time as a student.

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