Cosmetic Science Program

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Skills and Knowledge Gained

Program Content

  • Course offerings are designed to provide students with the know-how to develop cosmetic and personal care products that delight the consumers and improve their quality of life.
  • These include the physiology and pharmacology of pertinent therapeutic or benefit systems of the skin and hair, as well as those associated with approved OTC drug categories. 
  • Course offerings also cover the underlying physical, biophysical, colloidal and interfacial chemistry and formulation science of skin and hair cosmetic products, and OTC drug products.
  • Experimental design and statistical evaluation, product evaluation techniques (in vitro and clinical) including stability evaluations, cosmetic microbiology, consumer research, US FDA cosmetic and drug regulations, and product development approaches are additional topics addressed in course offerings, among many others.
  • A concentrated one-week hands-on laboratory formulation session at University of Cincinnati is also an option.

Program Outcomes

  • The know-how to apply physiology/biology of relevant skin, hair, and/or OTC drug targeted organ systems as these relate to achieve or evaluate the desired outcome of the use of cosmetic and personal care products.
  • The ability to formulate cosmetic and personal care product types (emulsions, suspensions, gels, solutions, aerosols, etc.) to meet desired product attributes using an understanding of the physical and chemical basis of these formulations.
  • The ability to identify and evaluate potential new actives and benefit delivery approaches from the relevant literature that could provide improved product performance.
  • The know-how to develop new product formulation approaches from evaluation of existing products and the relevant literature, and from designed experimentation to create products with improved benefits and consumer experience.
  • The ability to develop comprehensive product development programs to meet new product criteria and timing.
  • An understanding of methods to evaluate new and existing products for consumer acceptance, performance, and stability.
  • Familiarity with relevant governmental regulations (primarily US) which will help confirm product compliance.
  • The ability to prepare written assessments/proposals and orally present and defend them.
  • Develop project management skills that will enhance leadership opportunities.

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