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Preceptors at the James L. Winkle School of pharmacy hold full-time, adjunct or volunteer faculty positions.


Pharmacists who are interested in becoming a College preceptor shall submit a NEW PRECEPTOR APPLICATION to the college of Pharmacy experiential office, a current CV/resume, and 1 letter of recommendation that includes information about the pharmacist’s practice, competency and professionalism. In addition, pharmacists shall complete or have previously completed 3-hours of CE related to preceptorship.; The College will visit the site to meet with the preceptors and other practitioners to ensure that the site is a good learning environment.

Once accepted, each new preceptor will receive orientation to the University of Cincinnati Experiential Program. Upon successfully completing orientation and preceptor training requirements, the preceptor will receive a “preceptor certificate” from the College, and students may be assigned to the preceptor.

An affiliation agreement between the Practice Site and the College of Pharmacy must be completed before a student can begin an experiential rotation. The affiliation agreement can be established using a standard affiliation agreement that originates from the University of Cincinnati or the practice site. The experiential office will work with the site to establish an agreement during the orientation process.


Adjunct Faculty Appointment

Terms for appointment, reappointment, and faculty responsibilities are established by the respective College Division and approved by the Dean.

Library Access

The University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy is committed to providing an optimal educational program to its students. In order to accomplish this, faculty and preceptors require the necessary resources available to provide state of the art patient care, and such, incorporate these concepts into student learning activities at practice sites and in the classroom. Eligible preceptors may apply for a library access.

Discounted College CE Programs

The James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy is committed to continuous professional development. In order to provide the best experiential program, our preceptors need to continue to improve and refine their clinical and professional skills. The College provides a variety of continuing education opportunities. Preceptors are invited to attend College programs events and receive discounts to some CE programs.

Preceptor Development Resources

The James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy is committed to continuous professional and preceptor development. In order to provide the best experiential program, our preceptors need to continue to improve and refine their precepting skills. The College provides a variety of preceptor development opportunities. Approximately 2 times each year, the College provides live Preceptor Development Training Programs. New preceptors are required to complete preceptor training and are highly encouraged to attend one of the College’s programs if possible. These programs are offered to all preceptors and pharmacists involved in student training.

The program has multiple objectives:

  • Promote standardization, quality, and improvement in communication, feedback, and evaluation.
  • Emphasizes the importance of being a professional role model and a teacher.
  • Serve as a feedback mechanism for preceptors to provide information on student knowledge, professionalism, and preparedness.
  • Forum for discussing situational issues that occur with students.
  • Allows for an open line of communication between preceptor, sites, and the College of Pharmacy.
  • Promotes sharing of best precepting and practice ideas.

In addition to live programing, preceptors have free access to theCollaborative Education Institute (CEI) and Preceptor Training & Training Network from Pharmacist’s Letter.

Preceptor Resources

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