Cosmetic Science

Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Science

The Graduate Certificate (GC) Program is designed for those currently employed in the cosmetic and personal care industries, or are interested in employment in this field, who wish to obtain additional training in sciences specific to cosmetic and personal care products without the commitment required for a graduate degree. 


Students successfully completing the GC Program are not required to submit a GRE test score when subsequently applying to the online MS in Pharmaceutical Science with Emphasis in Cosmetic Science Program.


Program Requirements and Timing

The GC Program requires completion of twelve (12) semester credit hours of study.  Two required courses, Skin Care Science (PCEU8010 – 3 cr. hr.) and Cosmetic Formulation I:  Basic Science (PCEU8020 - 3 cr. hr.), provide one-half of this requirement. 


The GC may be completed in one calendar year (three semesters including summer semester)..  However, depending upon the elective courses and the semester course load selected by the student selected by the student, four semesters is more typical.  An example plan of study is shown in Course Offerings.


All credits earned in completion of the GC may applied to the MS Program if the student elects to apply to the latter.


Admission Requirements

Applicants must submit official transcripts indicating completion of an undergraduate degree in a science related program of study from an accredited college or university and a GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0. Those with a non-science degree should have at least one course in biology or related field, organic chemistry, and calculus.  If credentials are less than required for admission, an applicant may seek provisional admission status, which is granted at the discretion of the Program Director. A Test of English Language (TOEFL) of >90is required of all applicants whose native language is other than English. This requirement is waived for those whose undergraduate degree is from an institution in the United States or other nation having English as the official language.  Entrance requirements also include at least one letter of recommendation (two or three are preferred) and CV.


The GC Program has a rolling admission process and is based upon the academic year.  Applications should be complete about six weeks prior to the start of a semester for consideration for that semester. 

Example GC Plan of Study








Fall (1)



Spring (1)





Summer (1)



Fall (2)



This plan of study is provide as an illustrative example.  There are a number of options depending upon the student’s interests and available time commitment.


This plan of study is provide as an illustrative example.  There are many options depending upon the student’s interests and available time commitment.


Course Costs

Program fees for the 2014-2015 academic years are:

Instructional Fee:                            $739.00 per credit hr.

Distance Learning Program fee:    $25.20

General Fee:                                    $39.80 per credit hour

ITIE fee:                                 $18.00 per credit hour..

Updated tuition information can be found at the University of Cincinnati Web Site

For Further Information Contact:

Gary Kelm, PhD. Professor and Academic  Director, Cosmetic Science Program
James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy
University of Cincinnati 
3225 Eden Ave.
401 Health Professions Building
Cincinnati, OH 45267




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