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Skin and Biomembrane Sciences

Basic research in Biomembrane Sciences encompasses the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying development, growth, and barrier properties of biological membranes as relevant to the etiology and treatment of disease.

Applied research in this area covers drug delivery technology and also measurement and/or prediction of the barrier properties of biological membranes. Areas of strength include development and experimental assessment of mathematical models underlying membrane transport, molecular pharmaceutics leading to innovative drug formulations, and the rational design of nanocarriers.

The College has particular expertise in the areas of skin, hair and nail. This includes developmental biology, topical and transdermal delivery, prediction of skin barrier function, and safety and efficacy evaluation of cosmetic products. This research overlaps with the broader program carried out campus wide by the Skin Science & Technology Center at UCRI and also aligns with the teaching program in Cosmetic Science. Other campus partners include the College of Medicine Department of Dermatology, Shriners Burns Institute, the Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation, and the Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics.


Faculty in this focus area include:

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