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Jared B

PharmD, Alumni
Class of: 2015

Where did you complete your undergraduate/pre-pharmacy coursework?
I went to The Ohio State University for my undergraduate degree, where I majored in Pharmaceutical Sciences and minored in Economics.

Why did you choose UC?
UC is close to my childhood home of Mason, OH and was one of the many schools I applied to for my PharmD. What made it stick out of all places were the integrated pharmacy practice experiences that were a key part of each professional year. Many schools relegate their professional experiences to the latter years of school; UC makes sure each student, regardless of year, is getting hands-on experience in real-world pharmacy settings. This experience helped better prepare me for my career..

What does the Pursuit of Pharmacy mean to you?
A pharmacy is a place you go to get better and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Practicing as a pharmacist and actively making my patients’ lives better is a truly rewarding experience worth pursuing. 

If you could meet your past self and give them one sentence of advice about your first year, what would you say?
Get involved! There is so much to learn and explore, like leadership skills, professional organizations and getting to know your fellow classmates.

What is the most important thing you've gained from your time at the JLW CoP?
Many PharmD programs will provide the knowledge you need to be a pharmacist, but that’s only part of what makes a pharmacist an effective and helpful healthcare provider. The University of Cincinnati teaches you how to think like a pharmacist and have confidence in yourself when making critical decisions related to your patients.

What are your thoughts on the city of Cincinnati?

The city is truly an up-and-coming place. I grew up just outside of the I-275 interstate highway that encircles the city, and I’ve watched the city grow to be a thriving and exciting community. If you’re considering UC, Cincinnati is definitely worth a visit.

What does a Day in Your Life look like?

I work in long-term care pharmacy, so my experiences are a little different from the typical hospital or community-based pharmacy. My patients are usually older and suffer from a variety of chronic disease states. Some patients of my patients are on as many as three dozen medications. Due to the complexity of some of these patients’ medication regimens and disease states, addressing drug interactions and selecting the right medications for my patients are a big part of my day-to-day work. Geriatric patients also respond differently to some medications, so I am always looking for potentially unsafe medications and/or inappropriate doses. Other parts of my job include calling nurses and doctors for clarifications and suggestions on patient care, and manage workflow throughout the day so my technicians and interns can get the medications out to our nursing homes in a timely manner.

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