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Nada D

MS/PhD Year: 4
Specialization: Biomembrane (Cosmetic) Science 

Where did you complete your undergraduate/pre-pharmacy coursework?
I received a BS in Chemistry with a concentration in Pharmacology, as well as a Certificate in Markets and Management Studies from Duke University.

Why did you choose UC?
I choose UC specifically for the Cosmetic Science program. The Biomemebrane Science focus within the Pharmacuetical Sciences graduate program allowed me to pursue a doctoral degree in the field I’m most interested in, cosmetic and skincare science, while still learning about the larger pharmaceutical and drug development industry.

What does the Pursuit of Pharmacy mean to you?
To me, the pursuit of pharmacy means the motivation to contribute a small part to our understanding of drug development and delivery to help improve the efficacy of active ingredients.

What are your thoughts on the city of Cincinnati?
Having never been to Cincinnati before joining the program, I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. The city is full of young professionals and there are always new restaurants, events, festivals and things to try. My favorite thing about Cincinnati its size: it is big enough that there are always unique and fun things to do, but it’s not so big that those things feel inaccessible.

What does a Day in Your Life look like?

As a 3rd year PhD student, I spend most of my day working on my dissertation research. I recently had my dissertation committee approve my project proposal, so my days are spent executing pilot studies, researching analytical techniques, and analyzing data as I begin the process of completing the work I proposed.

I work independently on my project, meaning I begin each day by writing a “to do” list for myself. I usually start with a small piece of the project that I want to accomplish and break down the things to be done. This can include reading literature, designing the experiment, setting up my materials, collecting samples, and then analyzing them. My days are balanced between spending time in the lab running experiments and time at my desk designing the procedure and analyzing the data. And, my day definitely includes troubleshooting, discussing my results with my advisor, and improving my original plans.

In addition to designing and performing experiments for my research, I also attend meetings for the various college administrative committees I sit on as a graduate student representative, complete tasks as part of my role as the President of the Graduate Association of Pharmaceutical Science Students, and attend weekly seminars and journal clubs for the department.

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