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PharmD Curriculum


The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree is awarded on the basis of successful completion of all degree requirements. The PharmD program generally takes a minimum of six years to complete, including the minimum of 2 years of pre-pharmacy coursework.

First Professional Year
Autumn Semester
Spring Semester
25-PSCI-7002C Anatomy and Physiology 25-PSCI-7054C Drug Delivery I
25-PHCS-7000Introduction to the Health Care System25-PHRX-7050Pharmacy Ethics
25-PHRX-7001Pharmacy Practice I25-PHRX-7051Pharmacy Practice II
25-PSCI-7003Biochemistry and Molecular Biology25-PSCI-7052Principles of Medicinal Chemistry
25-PHRX-7005Pharmaceutical Calculations25-PSCI-7053Principles of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
25-PHRX-7011Professional Development Seminar I25-PHRX-7012Professional Development Seminar II
Second Professional Year
Autumn Semester
Spring Semester
25-PSCI-8000CDrug Delivery II25-PHPE-8031Introductory Ambulatory Practice Experience
25-PHTH-8020Therapeutics I25-PSCI-8052Clinical Pharmacokinetics
25-PHTH-8010Case Studies in Therapeutics I25-PHRX-8053Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy I
25-PHTH-8001Therapeutics of Nonprescription Products25-PHTH-8070Therapeutics II
25-PHPE-8030Introductory Institutional Practice Experience25-PHTH-8060Case Studies in Therapeutics II
25-PHRX-8051Pharmacy Practice Skills Development I
25-PHRX-7013Professional Development Seminar III25-PHRX-7014Professional Development Seminar IV
Third Professional Year
Autumn Semester
Spring Semester
25-PHTH-9020Therapeutics III25-PHTH-9070Therapeutics IV
25-PHTH-9010Case Studies in Therapeutics III25-PHTH-9060Case Studies in Therapeutics IV
25-PHRX-9001Pharmacy Practice Skills Development II25-PHRX-9050Pharmacy Jurisprudence
25-PHRX-9003Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy II25-PHCS-9052Health System Pharmacy Practice
25-PHCS-9002Pharmacy Management25-PHPE-9031Peer Mentored Introductory Practice Experience II
25-PHPE-9030Peer Mentored Introductory Practice Experience I25-PHRX-7016Professional Development Seminar VI
25-PHRX-7015Professional Development Seminar V
Fourth Professional Year
25-PHPE-9091Medical/Surgical Specialty Advanced Experience
25-PHPE-9092General Medicine Advanced Experience
25-PHPE-9093Ambulatory Care/Organized Health Care Advanced Experience
25-PHPE-9094Ambulatory Care/Community Advanced Experience
25-PHPE-9095Drug Information/Drug Policy Development/Medication Safety Management Advanced Experience
25-PHPE-9096Direct Patient Care Elective Advanced Experience
25-PHPE-9097Advanced Professional Experience Elective I
25-PHPE-9098Advanced Professional Experience Elective II
25-PHPE-9099Advanced Professional Experience Elective III
25-PHRX-9080Contemporary Pharmacy Practice

In addition to the required courses listed above, to earn the degree, each student must complete a total of 16 semester hours of general education coursework (which includes the 12 semester hours completed as part of the pre-pharmacy coursework), with a minimum of 6 semester hours in Behavioral & Social Sciences and a minimum of 6 semester hours in Humanities & Arts, and at least one upper-division (sophomore level or higher) course. In addition, at least one course in Arts & Humanities and one course in Behavioral & Social Sciences must focus on diversity and culture and/or social and ethical issues. Students are also required to complete 7 semester hours of Professional Elective courses.

Please note: The College reserves the right to make changes to this curriculum.

Doctor of Pharmacy Educational Outcomes

In 2016, the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy adopted the Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education (CAPE) outcomes as the official college educational outcomes. The college also endorses the Pharmacist Patient Care Process (PPCP) as additional outcomes for our curriculum. You can view both documents below.

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