COVID-19 Updates

During these unprecedented times, the University of Cincinnati Winkle College of Pharmacy understands that students have had to rapidly adapt to changes induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote teaching, learning, and assessment have almost universally been temporarily implemented throughout higher education.

Subsequently, many students have been offered the option of pass/fail grading in courses required for entrance into professional programs.

The Admissions Office of the Winkle College of Pharmacy has adopted the following position statements on the pass/fail grading of Doctor of Pharmacy pre-requisite courses:

  1. If a student is given the option, we recommend maintaining the traditional letter grading system for pre-requisite courses. This provides admission committee members more information about the academic performance of each student and contributes to the robustness of a student’s application.
  2. If a student is not given the option, the Admissions Office will assess academic performance pre and post adoption of the pass/fail grading system to evaluate the overall strength of the candidate.
  3. If a student is given the option and chooses the pass/fail grading system, the Admissions Office may request course-specific documentation of grades prior to adoption of the pass/fail grading system. This is to ensure the applicant was on track to earn a passing grade of C or higher in the required course thus meeting our admission standards.

We understand these are extraordinary circumstances. We will make every attempt to offer flexibility while upholding our high admission standards and requirements. Each applicant will be evaluated using our holistic admission process and decisions may be made on a case by case basis.


The University of Cincinnati Winkle College of Pharmacy does not require the PCAT for admission into the PharmD program. Applicants can opt to take the PCAT to help enhance their overall application, but will not be penalized for not submitting a score. 

It is reccomended the following applicants take the PCAT: 

  • Overall GPA below a 3.0
  • 2 or more repeated science courses 
  • Science pre-requisites taken more than 7 years ago 
  • A downward trend with academics over time 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at