Faculty & Staff

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Photo of Kavssery Ananthapadmanabhan

Kavssery Ananthapadmanabhan


Photo of Allison Harlan

Allison Harlan

Assistant Professor

Photo of Jianxiong Jiang

Jianxiong Jiang

Assistant Professor

Photo of Nalinikanth Kotagiri

Nalinikanth Kotagiri

Assistant Professor

Photo of Harshita Kumari

Harshita Kumari

Assistant Professor

Photo of Giovanni Pauletti, PhD

Giovanni Pauletti, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of Timothy Phoenix

Timothy Phoenix

Assistant Professor

Photo of Matthew Robson

Matthew Robson

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Georg Weber, MD

Georg Weber, MD

Associate Professor

Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences

Photo of Bethanne Brown, PharmD

Bethanne Brown, PharmD

Associate Professor

Photo of Teresa Cavanaugh, AS, PharmD

Teresa Cavanaugh, AS, PharmD

Associate Professor

Photo of Michael Doherty, PharmD

Michael Doherty, PharmD

Assistant Professor

Photo of Michael Hegener

Michael Hegener

Associate Professor

Photo of  Brad Hein, PharmD

Brad Hein, PharmD

Asst/Assoc Dean

Photo of Alex Lin, PhD

Alex Lin, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Nicholas  Messinger

Nicholas Messinger

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Jane Pruemer, PharmD

Jane Pruemer, PharmD

Professor Emeritus

Photo of  Rowena  Schwartz

Rowena Schwartz

Associate Professor

Photo of Gregory Sneed

Gregory Sneed

Post Doctoral Fellow

Photo of Elizabeth Weed

Elizabeth Weed

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Patricia Wigle, PharmD

Patricia Wigle, PharmD

Associate Professor

Photo of Dennis Worthen, PhD

Dennis Worthen, PhD

Adj. Professor

Residents and Fellows

Photo of Danielle Eaton

Danielle Eaton

Post Doctoral Fellow

Photo of Rachel Hartley

Rachel Hartley

Post Doctoral Fellow-NE

Photo of Kristina Hirt

Kristina Hirt

Post Doctoral Fellow

Photo of Nira Kadakia

Nira Kadakia

Post Doctoral Fellow

Photo of Casondra Kleven

Casondra Kleven

Post Doctoral Fellow

Photo of Rebecca Lahrman

Rebecca Lahrman

Graduate Assistant

Photo of Matthew Willoughby

Matthew Willoughby

Post Doctoral Fellow

Photo of Changwen Zhang

Changwen Zhang

Post Doctoral Fellow-NE


Photo of Briana Coggins

Briana Coggins

Corporate Employee

Photo of  Melanie Fulton

Melanie Fulton

Administrative Associate

Photo of  Jodie Hunter

Jodie Hunter

Business/Financial Operations

Photo of John Lawson

John Lawson

Software Applications Developer

Photo of Sara Lehew

Sara Lehew

Business/Financial Manager

Photo of Nicholas Lotts

Nicholas Lotts

Equip/Appl Specialist I

Photo of Joseph Lyon

Joseph Lyon

Instructional Specialist

Photo of  Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller

Research Assistant

Photo of Michael Murawsky

Michael Murawsky

Research Assistant

Photo of Elizabeth Robbins

Elizabeth Robbins

Project/Program Associate-NE

Photo of  Mary Ann Schaefer, AS

Mary Ann Schaefer, AS

Business/Financial Director

Photo of  Ashley Setters

Ashley Setters

Administrative Associate-NE

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