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Neil  Mackinnon

Neil Mackinnon

Welcome to the last issue of Cincinnati Pharmacy for 2019, the electronic newsletter of the James L Winkle College of Pharmacy. As we near the end of another year, it is the perfect time to reflect on our profession, university and college. I would like to share my thoughts with you on each of these topics.

Changes in the profession of pharmacy. Clearly, it is a time of change in the profession. On one hand, there are concerns about workplace conditions and the well-being of pharmacists, along with worries about the closures of some pharmacies, particularly independent pharmacies in rural communities, and the reimbursement landscape. On the other hand, with the passage of pharmacist provider status in Ohio and in other states, there is incredible opportunity for our profession. This fall, I had a one-on-one conversation with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine about these and other issues. Recently, I also had the opportunity to thank Ohio State Senator Matt Dolan for his leading role in the passage of pharmacist provider status. As the new chair of the Ohio Council of Colleges of Pharmacy, I will do all can to continue to help move the profession forward.

Changes at the University of Cincinnati:  This year, 2019, marks the bicentennial birthday of our university. Safe to say, the university has gone through a lot of change over these 200 years. Last month, the university’s new $2 billion campaign, Next/Now, was launched and it should help us to continue to innovate as a university. This fall, UC was named the top public university in the country for co-ops and internships by US News & World Report. Co-operative education (co-op) was established at UC in 1906 and we continue to be a national leader in this area.

Changes at the Winkle College of Pharmacy: Speaking of co-op, this fall we launched a new co-op program with the biology department in cosmetic science. This program is called a 4+1 program, meaning the students complete a bachelor’s degree in biology in four years then a Master’s degree in cosmetic science in one year. This is similar to our existing 4+1 program with chemistry and cosmetic science and in 2020 we hope to launch a 4+1 program in chemical engineering and cosmetic science. Our college received the HEED (Higher Education Excellence in Diversity) Award for the second straight year- the only college of pharmacy in the nation to win the award in both of the last two years. Finally, our students were recently featured on WVXU, WCPO and CNN as part of a new UC Student-Run Free Clinic our students help to staff with medical students.

Those are a few of my reflections for 2019. I would be remiss without thanking each of you reading this message—students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends—for the key roles each of you play in the life of our college, Finally, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and holiday season!

Neil MacKinnon
BSC(Pharm), MSc(Pharm), PhD, Dean and Professor

Dean MacKinnon and Family Christmas Photo

Dean MacKinnon and Family Christmas Photo

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