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Pam Heaton

Pam Heaton

Welcome to the Summer 2021 edition of Cincinnati Pharmacy!

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic shut down the campus and in that time, we not only forged ahead but ramped up our online teaching, created new online graduate programs and enhanced our faculty and student impact in the local communities.

As faculty and students successfully hunkered down at home in innovative remote learning programs and courses, we also ramped up our experiential learning as we engaged with the community more than ever. This past semester our students and faculty provided direct patient care while administering thousands of COVID-19 vaccinations in pharmacy settings throughout the Tri-State region.

It seems that life stressors can often bring out the best in a team as our faculty continue to leave an international footprint with successful research publications, new innovation in mentor-mentee programs and securing millions in research grant funding. Three of our faculty received the 2021 UC Dean’s Faculty Award sponsored by the Office of the Provost and others are headlining news for innovative teaching, research and community impact.

The pharmacy spring graduating class of 2021 is well-equipped and ready to make great change in the world, as our licensure pass rates continue to exceed national averages. Whether your sights are now set on employment, or a residency, fellowship or postgraduate research, we applaud you and promise you our ongoing support and best wishes.

Our alums are better than ever. As they too receive international recognition for their inspiration in research, management and vision, several are rising the ladder in leadership roles within retail and pharmacy associations across the globe.

As our pharmacy programs continue to grow we have added two new distance learning MS programs bringing our total to five online master’s programs with an almost 30% increase in enrollment during the past year.

I continue to be amazed and encouraged by the growing achievements of our students, faculty and alumni. Thank you for your ongoing support and good luck as you make positive change in our world!

Pam Heaton
BSPharm, PhD, FAPhA
Interim Dean and Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences

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