Laboratory Members

Headshot of Joan Garrett

Joan Garrett

Assoc Professor, Pharmacy Garrett Lab

3207 Medical Sciences Building


The overarching aim of my research program is to better understand signal transduction pathways involved in cancer. I am personally committed to a career in mechanism-based translational research so that I can impact the lives of cancer patients. Our work covers the gamut of basic cancer biology through translational studies in mouse models and human tissues, and interfaces with clinical trials. Our lab uses a variety of technologies including mammalian tissue culture, molecular analyses of gene and protein expression, gene expression microarrays, next-generation DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, protein microarrays, mass spectrometry, mouse models, and live animal imaging.
Headshot of Rosalin Mishra

Rosalin Mishra

Research Associate, Pharmacy Garrett Lab

Headshot of Samar Mohammed Alanazi

Samar Mohammed Alanazi

Student Worker, Pharmacy Garrett Lab