Laboratory Members

Headshot of Nalinikanth Kotagiri

Nalinikanth Kotagiri

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Kotagiri Lab

3109B Medical Sciences Building


Research in my laboratory will aim to develop innovative and advanced solutions to treat human disease through a highly multidisciplinary approach. We are interested in manufacturing novel molecular probes using small molecules as well as nanoparticulate systems for imaging disease processes and therapeutic applications. Particular emphasis is on activation of therapeutic events in targeted tissues with a high degree of spatiotemporal precision and control using photons and ionizing radiation. We involve the entire bench-bedside spectrum of chemical biology research, from bio-chemical probe synthesis to their evaluation in cell systems and animal disease models, including development of microfluidic and lab-on-chip approaches for optimization. The eventual goal is to bring together diverse yet complimentary technologies to develop useful technology platforms for basic science and clinically translatable work.
Headshot of Nitin Sampat Kamble

Nitin Sampat Kamble

Post Doc Fellow, Pharmacy Kotagiri Lab

Medical Sciences Building


Headshot of Tushar   Madaan

Tushar Madaan

Graduate Assistant, Pharmacy Kotagiri Lab

Headshot of Alec Julian Ventrola

Alec Julian Ventrola

Graduate Assistant, Pharmacy Kotagiri Lab

Headshot of Tohonne Cheick Konare

Tohonne Cheick Konare

Student Worker, Acad Aff LC Supplemental Instruction

Headshot of Alexandra Rose Hartman

Alexandra Rose Hartman

Student Worker, Pharmacy Kotagiri Lab

Headshot of Nupur   Mallick

Nupur Mallick

Student Worker, Acad Aff Learning Communities

Headshot of Antara A Nair

Antara A Nair

Student Worker, Pharmacy Kotagiri Lab