Laboratory Members

Headshot of Harshita Kumari

Harshita Kumari

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Kumari Lab

3109 C Medical Sciences Building


Harshita Kumari is an Associate Professor in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Kumari’s work in the area of solution chemistry of supramolecular complexes is widely recognized. Her current research focuses on integrating principles of modern biophysics into material and formulation science towards the development of novel skin care, oral care, and hair care products. Her research projects focus on understanding mechanisms of delivery and deposition of actives onto the skin/hair and elucidating the parameters to control them. In addition, her research focuses on developing methods to construct novel nanometric delivery vehicles, based on the principles of self-assembly and molecular recognition. Her work is published in several peer-reviewed journals. 
Headshot of Chandra Adeola Ade-Brown

Chandra Adeola Ade-Brown

Headshot of Marzieh Susanna Mirzamani

Marzieh Susanna Mirzamani

Post Doc Fellow, Pharmacy Kumari Lab

Medical Sciences Building


Headshot of Jinnipha   Pajoubpong

Jinnipha Pajoubpong

Graduate Assistant, Pharmacy Kumari Lab

Headshot of Arnab Dawn

Arnab Dawn

Headshot of Suchitra Dilipkumar Panigrahi

Suchitra Dilipkumar Panigrahi

Graduate Assistant, Pharmacy Kumari Lab

Headshot of Priyanka Mishra

Priyanka Mishra

Headshot of Noura Hassan Abd Ellah

Noura Hassan Abd Ellah