How to Apply

As you embark on your college application journey, effective time management and organization are key. The resources provided here will serve as your compass, helping you navigate the application process smoothly and efficiently. 

Please review the options below and select the most appropriate for you for more information about how to become part of the Bearcat Pharmacy Community or take your degree to the next level

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For prospective first-time freshmen, the initial step involves applying to the University of Cincinnati and selecting a major, often Pre-Pharmacy. It's essential to understand that Pre-Pharmacy is primarily designed to prepare students for the PharmD program. If you're contemplating alternative paths within the pharmacy field, it may be more suitable to choose a major in chemistry, biology, or a related discipline, rather than officially declaring Pre-Pharmacy. Please visit our High School Student Admissions page for more information about first-year student admission requirements.

Should you have any inquiries about your individual application or require guidance during the process, please contact our Admissions staff at or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Pre-Pharmacy program, a part of the College of Allied Health Sciences, offers a flexible pathway to pharmacy school. Worried about time constraints? Don't be! You have up to seven years to complete your coursework, giving you the freedom to tailor your educational journey. Moreover, grades won't be a source of stress – a "C" or better sets you on the right path. As you progress through the Pre-Pharmacy curriculum, our College of Pharmacy admissions team works closely with you to ensure a seamless transition into our program once you've fulfilled the prerequisites. To learn more about this program, visit the Pre-Pharmacy link below.

Application Steps

The application process for the PharmD program involves two stages:

  1. PharmCAS Application: Undergraduate students must apply to the PharmD program through PharmCAS.

  2. Supplemental UC Application: Upon verification of their PharmCAS application and its upload to Slate, students will receive a link to complete the supplemental UC application. This additional application is free of charge and serves to collect additional student information.

After successfully completing both the PharmCAS and supplemental applications, the admissions team will conduct a comprehensive review of their application. If applicants meet our criteria, they may be offered an interview.

For the current admissions cycle, all interviews are conducted in person, with virtual interviews granted only in exceptional circumstances and upon approval from the admissions committee.

Following the interview, applicants can typically expect to receive an admissions decision from the admissions staff within two weeks.

If you have any inquiries about your application or require guidance during the process, please contact our Admissions staff at

Application Requirement Checklist

To be considered for admission, all applicants are required to submit the following documentation:

  1. A comprehensive application submitted online via PharmCAS.
  2. A comprehensive Supplemental Application submitted through the university portal.
  3. Submission of the mandatory, non-refundable Supplemental Application fee of $175.
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  5. All official college transcripts must be submitted directly to PharmCAS from the institution or testing service (unofficial transcripts are accepted for initial review).
  6. PCAT Exam (optional):
    1. If choosing to take the PCAT, transmit scores directly to PharmCAS using code 104.
  7. Three letters of recommendation
    1. Suggested sources of the letters could be your academic instructors, academic advisors, Pharmacists, and employers. Letters of recommendation from politicians, friends, family members, co-workers, current students, or clergy will not be accepted.
  8. Statement of Purpose: Explain your motivation for pursuing a research-intensive Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. Include your desired research focus area within the broad field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

For more information about these requirements or general admission questions, reach out to our Admissions staff at

Ready to advance your career in pharmaceutical sciences? Applying is simple, and we're here to guide you through it. Explore our range of graduate programs and start your journey today.

  • How to Apply: Applying is straightforward. Review program-specific admissions requirements and get started on your path to success.
  • Flexible Learning: Our programs accommodate working professionals, with part-time and online options available.
  • Career Advancement: Elevate your expertise and career prospects in the pharmaceutical field.

Explore advanced studies without committing to a full Master's degree. Our graduate certificate programs offer the perfect entry point for professionals returning to academia. Here's how to apply:

  • No GRE Requirement: Enjoy a streamlined application process. Our graduate certificate programs do not require GRE scores.
  • One-Year Completion: Dive into advanced studies and upskill quickly. Each certificate program can be completed in just one year.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career as a pharmacy leader with one of the University of Cincinnati's Postgraduate Residency Programs. Embrace the chance to make a lasting impact on the future of healthcare.

  • Transformational Learning: Our distinguished program empowers you with the skills to excel clinically and become a healthcare leader.
  • Specialized Focus: Explore our unique residencies, specializing in underserved communities, geriatric care, or leadership roles at Walgreens and Kroger.
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