Strategic Plan

We Are Pharmacy: Rx for the Future

In collaboration with M E Clarke Consulting, we launched the strategic planning process, We are Pharmacy: Rx for the Future, in January 2016. We began by interviewing our executive committee, advisory board members as well as several community and university partners. Simultaneously, we collected 215 surveys from key stakeholders to get their input on the plan. We analyzed the data from these surveys, pulling together key themes that were then presented at five separate focus groups: PharmD Students; MS/PhD Students; Faculty; Staff; and Preceptors/Alums/Community Partners. At these sessions, the groups articulated shared values for the College, drafted vision statements and created strategic priorities.

The findings from these sessions were then collated and again analyzed to create a draft vision, mission, objective and strategic priorities for the College. These were further refined and finalized by representatives from across the College in a full day visioning session in May 2016. The new vision, mission, objective and strategic priorities were subsequently approved by the faculty, the executive committee and the College’s Board of Advisors. With the new direction in place, several action planning sessions followed to develop and finalize operational plans for the strategic priorities. Implementation of the new strategic plan and ongoing monitoring and measurement of performance.

Our Mission

Develop progressive pharmacy practitioners and researchers to lead the evolution of healthcare.

Our Vision

Lead. Care. Transform.

Our Objective

Provide exceptional education, cutting-edge research, passionate service and innovative patient-centered care.

Strategic Priorities + Bold Steps 

  • Engagement and Outreach
    • Enhance visibility
    • Engage alumni
    • Engage partners
    • Evolve our focus in underserved urban communities
  • Viability
    • Improve recruitment and retention
    • Support and develop faculty
    • Continue financial stability and success
    • Enhance internal organizational effectiveness
  • Research and Scholarship
    • Increase research productivity
    • Enhance quality of graduate research program
    • Strengthen the core research areas of the College
  • Professional Excellence
    • Implement innovative education delivery
    • Ensure curricular alignment with evolutions in the field Increase inter-professional training and collaboration
    • Expand real world experience and practices
    • Embody cultural humility Increase mentorship opportunities