Office of Equity & Inclusion

The James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy Office of Equity & Inclusion is committed to broadening our recruitment to welcome a diverse range of students, including those from underrepresented backgrounds and first-generation scholars. Our aim is to ensure that our graduating classes mirror the diverse communities they will serve.

The College's Office of Equity & Inclusion is also aligned with the college's strategic plan. The goal is to help the college embody cultural humility by

  • ensuring that the faculty, staff, students, and residents receive appropriate training to build a culture of respect
  • Enhancing our approach to attract and retain a broad spectrum of faculty and staff
  • creating partnerships and awareness with underrepresented minority students
  • providing support for a diverse student body

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Headshot of Patricia M Achoe

Patricia M Achoe

Director of Equity and Inclusion, Pharmacy College of Pharmacy

Pat has a shared position funded by a collaboration with The Kroger Co. In this role at UC, Pat works with diverse  middle, high school and undergraduate students to improve the pipeline for the college; coordinates training programs for the faculty, staff and students; lectures; and chairs the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.