PharmD-MPH Dual Degree

The UC James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy and the College of Medicine have jointly developed a new 4 + 1 program in which a student can graduate with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Master of Public Health in a total of 5 years. 

Benefits of Our Dual Degree Program

  • Our student pharmacists benefit from unparalleled access to world-class faculty members who are at the forefront of scientific discovery and clinical advancements, contributing to the development of future treatments and the management of complex diseases. 
  • University of Cincinnati Master of Public Health students have the opportunity to learn from internationally recognized faculty and network with local public health leaders to build their professional network. Our program offers opportunities to interact with leading public health professionals from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC), the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UC Health), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), regional and local health departments, and more.
  • University of Cincinnati PharmD students benefit from immersive experience-based learning at 200+ pharmacy practice sites in the Greater Cincinnati area, including various pharmacies, hospitals, and corporations. Being part of UC's Academic Health Center allows students to train alongside medical, nursing, and allied health students. Notably, Cincinnati students consistently achieve top-tier scores on licensing examinations, such as NAPLEX and MJPE, leading to successful careers as licensed pharmacists.
  • A career in pharmacy presents exceptional prospects for individuals passionate about science and healthcare. With its diverse and fulfilling nature, pharmacy offers opportunities for patient care, scientific research, and innovative breakthroughs. Graduates of the program can embark on rewarding paths in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, managed care, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, academia, and other sectors. Pharmacists assume pivotal leadership positions across the entire healthcare system.
  • The Public Health program prepares students to promote health, prevent disease, and protect the environment of our communities, locally and beyond. We achieve this through our evidence-based interdisciplinary approaches in education, research, practice, and community engagement.
  • Combining the PharmD and Master of Public Health degrees opens the door for top residency programs and diverse job opportunities while saving time and money.

Admission Requirements

A personal statement on a single page/document (roughly 700 words or less) that addresses the following:

  • Tell us about your goals for the PharmD-MPH combined training. Why public health? Although there is flexibility in your choice of concentration, why did you choose the one listed above?
  • How do you see this fitting into your future career?
  • How will you meet the challenges of a combined degree program, and what strategies will you use to ensure your success?

A letter verifying you are currently in good standing in the PharmD program, as generated by the office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Application Deadlines

All application documents must be electronically submitted through the online application. When completing the online application, please select the desired degree path carefully, as document switches between different tracks are not permitted. Applications are reviewed with the following timeline:

  • The application will be open from September 1, 2024 until September 30, 2024.
  • Applications will be reviewed starting on October 1, 2024.

Contact Information

For PharmD questions, contact:
Bradley Hein
3255 Eden Ave
145G Kowalewski Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45229
(513) 558-4702

For MPH questions, contact:
Rachael Nolan
160 Panzeca Way
Kettering Laboratory
Cincinnati, OH 45267
(513) 558-7944