Equity & Inclusion

At The University of Cincinnati James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment that embraces the richness of our community. We uphold the values of respect, understanding, and unity. Our college community mirrors the patients we serve, and we remain dedicated to denouncing any form of discrimination.

University of Cincinnati Pharmacist Melca Wallace, BS, RPH shown here at student health center UC/ Joseph Fuqua II

We are determined to be agents of positive change and will actively listen, learn, and grow together. Standing in solidarity with our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, we strive to address societal challenges and disparities. Our unwavering mission is to uphold the principles of our profession and serve our community with dedication.

The College of Pharmacy Office of Equity & Inclusion is resolute in its commitment to purposeful recruitment efforts. We aim to expand educational opportunities for a wide range of students, ensuring that our graduating classes reflect the populations of all communities we serve. Together, we work towards promoting healing and fostering a supportive environment.

The College's Office of Equity & Inclusion is also fully integrated with the college's strategic plan. Our objective is to foster cultural humility by:

  • Implementing comprehensive training for faculty, staff, students, and residents to cultivate a culture of respect.
  • Enhancing faculty and staff recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Establishing partnerships and promoting awareness of all cultures we serve.
  • Offering extensive support to the entire student body.

Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The College houses a committee dedicated to fostering equity, and inclusion. This committee plays a vital role in promoting a culture of respect for both our unique qualities and shared experiences within the College. Through community outreach, partnerships, mentoring, training, data analytics, and various support programs, the committee actively encourages an inclusive environment.

Leading this initiative is the diversity officer, who chairs the committee. Collaborating with other members, the Chair ensures the successful implementation of projects and initiatives derived from the committee's efforts. Together, they work tirelessly to cultivate an atmosphere that values and celebrates diversity in all aspects of the College.

Speak Up

In situations where an incident occurs, it is crucial to handle it thoughtfully and respectfully. Here are some guidelines we suggest to follow:

  • When an incident occurs, don't hesitate to speak up!
  • Approach the individual assuming no harmful intent.
  • Recognize and explain the positive impact while addressing any negative consequences.
  • If unclear, ask questions such as "What do you mean?"
  • Always communicate with respect and civility.
  • If necessary, interrupt and redirect the conversation, saying, "Let's not go there."
  • When addressing specific remarks, clarify whether they refer to a particular person or are more universal human behaviors.
  • If you're unsure what to say, a simple "Ouch" can create a moment of reflection, allowing you later to educate yourself about the harmful effects of certain words.
  • It may be necessary to explain the situation at a later date if not immediately feasible.
  • Maintain professionalism at all times.


Image of HEED Award Logo

For the sixth consecutive year, the College has been honored with the prestigious HEED Award. Notably, in 2022, Winkle College was the sole pharmacy college among the HEED recipients. This award celebrates colleges that exemplify an exceptional dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Click here to learn more about the HEED award.


We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within our institution, and as part of this commitment, we offer the following scholarship options to support a wide range of students, ensuring that our graduating class reflects the populations of all communities we serve:

  • Daniel Acosta Jr. Endowment
  • Harold Waller Diversity Scholarship
  • CVS Multilingual Scholarship
  • CVS Spanish Scholarship
  • Walgreen Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Scholarship
  • Walgreens Multilingual Scholarship

Online Resources

At The College, we prioritize Equity and Inclusion. Here are some resources that address these important aspects:

  • The Voice - Submit Your Feedback: We value your input and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions to help us foster a more inclusive environment.
  • Student Resources - Campus Life: Explore the various resources available to support and enhance your campus experience, promoting a diverse and equitable community.
  • Academic Health Center Equity and Inclusion: Discover how The University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, through its four health colleges, implements programs to build an inclusive and culturally competent healthcare workforce for our community's betterment.


Cincinnati Pharmaceutical Association (CinPhA)

The College has a partnership with the Cincinnati Pharmaceutical Association (CinPhA). This is a pharmacy organization focused on the needs of the minority community. CinPhA awards scholarships based on essays that are submitted to the organization.

SNPhA/NPhA are diverse organizations dedicated to coordinating programs that will improve the healthcare and pharmacy for the underserved and underrepresented populations.

The College sponsors a Clinical Skills competition to prepare students for the Regional and National competitions. 

Student National Pharmacists Association/National Pharmacists Association

SNPhA/NPhA are diverse organizations dedicated to coordinating programs that will improve healthcare and pharmacy for underserved and underrepresented populations.

The College sponsors a Clinical Skills competition to prepare students for the Regional and National competitions. 

Recent Demographic Data
Race 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

American Indian or Alaska Nave

1 (0.2%)






33 (6.7%)

36 (7.2%)

38 (7.5%)

37 (7.3%)

43 (8.3%)

Black or African American

38 (7.7%)

46 (9.2%)

53 (10.5%)

60 (11.9%)

77 (14.9%)


12 (2.4%)

15 (3.0%)

22 (4.3%)

25 (5.0%)

26 (5.0%)

Nonresident Alien

37 (7.5%)

40 (8.0%)

53 (10.5%)

57 (11.3%)

57 (11.0%)

Race/Ethnicity Unknown

24 (4.8%)

23 (4.6%)

22 (4.3%)

17 (3.4%)

5 (1.0%)

Two or More Races

13 (2.6%)

11 (2.2%)

7 (1.4%)

12 (2.4%)

16 (3.1%)


338 (68.1%)

328 (65.7%)

312 (61.5%)

297 (58.8%)

293 (56.7%)

Grand Total

496 (100.0%)

499 (100.0%)

507 (100.0%)

505 (100.0%)

517 (100.0%)